Laeq is the groundbreaking and vitality product number 1! It improves your blood and your body through your blood in a purely natural way. What photosynthesis is in nature, is PBM for your body. That is the claim we make. On our site, you can read what our customers use it for. Read more.

A higher resistance and faster recovery by laser therapy! Every day. Day after day. Get better every day.

Thanks to Laeq. And especially thanks to the Laeq home laser on the basis of PhotoBioModulation (PBM). Laeq is a contraction of Laser Equipment. It is pronounced ‘lake’, but it wouldn’t surprise us if in your excitement for PBM you quickly turn it into ‘like’. PBM is a form of laser therapy that is used internationally and has been described as very effective in leading medical journals.  It optimizes your body through your blood. 2 times 30 minutes per day of use is recommended. It is known because it strengthens your immune system, optimizes oxygen use and improves viscosity. That’s why it’s good for everyone.

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The Laeq Health Laser Clip is used with:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Diabetes
  • (Chronic) cold (Rhinitis)
  • Chronic fatigue (ME/CFIDS)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chemo or radiotherapy
  • Migraine
  • Performance & Sports
  • Sleep problems
  • Cholesterol too high
  • COPD
  • MS
  • Infertility
  • Improvement of hormone management

The results achieved with the Laeq Health Laser Clip:

  • No drugs
  • No side effects
  • More energy
  • Improved sleep pattern
  • Reduced pain
  • Better circulation
  • Reduced acidification
  • Stronger immune system

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  • Ervaringen met de Laeq Health

    The Laeq Health laser ensures that my energy and resistance is higher during chemo therapy

    Danielle, aged 45, metastatic breast cancer

  • My life has become so much more pleasant!

    Mr. Roos (68), diabetes type 2

    Ervaringen met de Laeq Health
  • Ervaringen met de Laeq Health

    I have a lot more energy, this keeps me participating!

    Mr. Oude Rikerink (76), COPD, reduced lung function

  • I truly mean it when I say I have my life back thanks to Laeq Health!

    Ms. Kalyani Temmink (26), diagnosis: Fibromyalgia

    Ervaringen met de Laeq Health
  • Ervaringen met de Laeq Health

    Easy to use, anywhere

    Easy to use, anywhere

  • Laeq health 3.0 bluetooth device. Minimum requirement Android versie 4.3 or iOS version 9.0

    Laeq health 3.0 bluetooth

    Ervaringen met de Laeq Health
  • Ervaringen met de Laeq Health

    I’m living the normal, pain-free life of a 19-year-old again

    Woman, anonymous – High cholesterol due to genetics

  • The Laeq App: the basis for safe use and insight into your progress! Better Every Day!

    Laeq health 3.0 app

    Ervaringen met de Laeq Health
  • Ervaringen met de Laeq Health

    Thanks to my improved mobility, I’m more optimistic

    Mr Van den Akker – ME

  • I’m even considering trying to get started with sports again

    Ms. I. Niemeijer – Fibromyalgia

    Ervaringen met de Laeq Health

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