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Multi functional medical low level laser therapy device

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The Laeq laser is a very powerful multifunctional softlaser-therapy instrument. Safe, stable, easy to handle and to carry, it can be adjusted from 5 mw to 200 mw, even during therapy. It is made of a durable quality and can be used for larger areas.

The total output of the single laser head with 650 nm is 775 mw. The laser pen is also suitable for acupuncture (total output 180mw).Pulse and continuous mode. The 2 laser heads can be used independently or simultaneously. Each of the probes has its own timer. Both probes have 5 power settings, giving users a wide range of options for performing various therapies for acute and deep-seated inflammations and injuries. 

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For professional practice and for at home. More and more physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists and specialists are using laser therapy in their practice alongside or in addition to their traditional treatment protocol. A treatment with laser therapy enables the client to recover faster every day.

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