Diane, 49 years, Diabetes type 2 Frankrijk

Even to a few weeks of use I notice the benefits!

I have the disease type 2 diabetes for many years now. After I read about Laeq Health and its positive effects on blood levels and the reduction of all the additional complaints caused by diabetes, I started the nose laser a month ago.

What I already notice is that I transpire much less during sleep and also that my chronic shoulder pain has disappeared. And I am already grateful for that!

I also noticed that the glucose levels become more stable. Soon I will consult with my doctor to assess whether the medication can also be reduced. But that is to be expected.

In short, I have only been using the Laeq Health 3.0 for a short time, but already notice the positive effects. Even to a few weeks of use!

** Update after 2 months of use **

It really works! I see better, have the sugar lower and no longer suffer from chronic tendons! In 2 months time I go on with it

Diane, 49 years, Diabetes type 2

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