Karin, fibromyalgia

Much has improved since I use the Laeq. My immune system is much stronger and I am much fitter

I started using the Laeq for, among other things, fibromyalgia and improving my immune system. After six months of using the Laeq, I noticed many improvements! In this first time, I also used other things besides the Laeq. However, I have continued to use only Laeq. And you know …. all my complaints have improved and my immune system has been greatly strengthened, I have not had the flu anymore and I feel much fitter!

Using the Laeq is a small effort with a nice and good result! I can, therefore, recommend it to everyone!
Even when you travel you can just take the Laeq with you, you can do it anywhere you have wifi at the start of a session and it works!

Karin Eggink

Karin, fibromyalgia

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