Man, including Diabetes, thyroid problems and rheumatism

I've been using the Laeq for 2.5 years and my blood sugars and other blood values have greatly improved

Hello, Laeq,

I’ve been using the Laeq next to CBD drops for about 2.5 years now, and that has led to a lot of positive effects and that’s great!

The reason I started with it was that besides diabetes (type 2 diabetes), I have a slow working thyroid, rheumatism and Mastocytosis.

To my surprise I felt better from the 2nd day of use and since then my blood values have improved a lot. The blood sugar level is even almost on a regular and good level since I use the Laeq and the medication has been greatly reduced. And for my other complaints I don’t have to come after 24 years of visiting internists. There are no big ups and downs in multiple blood levels anymore. The periodic check-ups at the general practitioner are sufficient.

In short, the Laeq has become a wonderful, natural and important tool for me!

Man, including Diabetes, thyroid problems and rheumatism

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