Saskia Timmers – migraine

Every day without a headache is a gift

My experience with the Laeq Health is very positive!

For years I had to take 2 different beta blockers every day to combat migraine attacks, as well as painkillers 2 to 4 times per week. The drugs didn’t really work anymore. The neurologist diagnosed me as drug resistant, suffering from chronic migraine and sensitisation. The specialist had another alternative, botox treatment (muscle relaxant). It was a bad prospect, but I had already done just about all therapies, treatments, herbs, diets, etc.

One of the doctors who treated me recommended Laeq Health, so I started with the home laser in December of 2016. Since then I only have a migraine once per week, for which I still have to take medicine. But it’s already a huge improvement! Especially since I haven’t been taking the beta blockers since December, too.

 I also notice that I’m happier and more positive. Every day without a headache is a gift

Saskia Timmers – migraine

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