Mario Stevens

Founder Laeq Health

At the end of 2015 I came into contact with and was touched by PBM. To my great surprise, I discovered that, although PBM is already used in several countries and is described positively in literally thousands of scientific studies, it was still unknown in our country.

In order to be convinced of the usefulness of PBM in practice as well, my wife was prepared to apply PBM to her. She has a chronic history of illness and an immune system so disrupted that it is always her turn at the first sign of a flu wave. Was, I have to say, because since she has been on PBM, she has not had the flu.

If only we had known earlier that PBM is so effective, so safe and so easy to use. It would have saved us a great deal in terms of the cost of therapies, medication and associated co-payments.

Driven by this success, the mission to make PBM available to the general public was born. And so, with all my work experience and training over the past 24 years, I plunged into the creation of Laeq Health.

Mario Stevens
CEO Laeq Health BV

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