There is mONEr possible than just lung covid clinics!

It is with sadness that we see and hear the stories of people of all ages suffering from the severe effects of Long COVID. All their hopes are now focused on Long Covid clinics.

We can speak from our own experience about how intense it is to struggle for recognition and recovery. Doctors who don’t know what they can do for you, searches for the right therapy and so on. Anything just to get healthier and fitter and live normally. This is the reason we launched a low level laser device based on Photobiomodulation, the scientific term for low level laser therapy.

The science: mitochondria, the energy factories of every cell

Ongoing scientific (biomedical) research is currently focused on finding the causes of Long COVID, After all, when you know the cause, a solution may be developable or available. But scientific research by researchers at Amsterdam UMC and Vrije Universiteit has now proven that Lung COVID has a physical cause.

And the reason for the outcome: malfunctioning mitochondria are the cause of post-exertional malaise (PEM), which means that (Long COVID) patients continue to suffer from extreme fatigue after physical, cognitive or emotional exertion and prolonged exacerbation of symptoms. Incidentally, more studies indicate that mitochondria are affected by coronavirus. We do dare to conclude that when you can get the mitochondria in your cells to work optimally, it moves you forward in recovery!

Available solution: improvement or recovery is possible with low-level laser therapy from Laeq Health

Let this enhancement of mitochondria be exactly what Laeq Health’s soft laser clip does: stimulating the mitochondria in the cells in a completely natural way through the right frequency of laser light. Through your nose because that is the best clip to stimulate your blood and therefore your entire system. Its effects are proven positive and many scientific studies underlie it. These include the proven effects of low-level laser therapy:

– More (ATP) Energy;

– A stronger immune system;

– Less oxidative stress;

– Better blood flow;

– Less acidification.

These effects are all without any side effects.

So improvement or recovery is possible! The experiences of Long COVID patients are also positive.

Therefore, with our current affordable device, we have been able to help many people including many Long COVID patients. In addition, we are constantly working on developments to further improve our method.

For more than just Long COVID

We have already had the pleasure of helping many people with our laser light. People who wanted to get fitter, but especially people with (chronic) illnesses (Diabetes T2, migraines) who started using this supplement successfully.
This was well before Long COVID existed. Consequently, there are thousands of scientific studies on Photobiomodulation available that demonstrate its positive effects. So to our great joy, it also helps very well with Long COVID and we have users with Long COVID where symptoms have even disappeared.

Says it before/Let’s work together

Several times we have asked health insurers like @Menzis and @ONVZ to help innovate with our tool. This is because it can be supportive and also healing for many disease conditions but can also be used preventively. In the Netherlands, however, people wait and see first, and health insurance companies do not seem to be really concerned with this kind of development, while there are enormous health and financial benefits to be gained with prevention and an efficient approach.

Do you feel addressed as an #insurer, #researcher, #investor, #physician or #patient? If so, do not hesitate to send us a message. Together, we can make life brighter for Long COVID patients and others.

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Mario & Ingeborg Stevens

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