Light is no longer just a therapy, but rather an essential supplement

Geplaatst op 7 June 2019.

There are so many benefits to be gained with ‘red light’ therapy, which has been proven by thousands of clinical studies.

“Light is no longer just a therapy, but rather an essential supplement,” is an increasingly heard phrase that professionals use. Simply by feeding the cells with light energy at the right frequency. A proven ability to provide cells with more energy, strengthen your immune system and, above all, a wonderful way to actively improve your health level with regard to fitness and physical and cognitive functions.

Our cells, but also your brain and organs need oxygen and water to be able to optimally produce energy, stay healthy and be able to perform. In addition, light is also an essential ingredient that our body needs for long life and for vitality. The laeq gives both (light) energy and more oxygen to your cells and is, therefore, the wellness product for everyone.

The basis of photobiomodulation by a low level laser is that the mitochondrial energy production is increased. If the mitochondria, the energy factories in our cells, are stimulated by the laser light and more energy is available, the cells and organs will function better, your body will heal faster, be more resistant to stress, produce more proteins and perform better body better. Your body’s homeostasis improves in a completely natural way. In addition, it stimulates your blood circulation, it gives more oxygen to your body, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and it recharges your immune system. Cool anyway!

In addition to people who are tired, have blood circulation problems, want to perform better with exercise, sleep better, have pain or suffer from migraine, there are also more and more people who have type 2 diabetes among Laeq users. They report that they become fitter, use less or no oral medication, have better blood flow, etc. The laser light boost, the better circulation of blood, the supply of oxygen and nutrients also heal diabetes wounds faster. And that without medication, with Laeq. All natural.

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