PBM strengthens the immune system and ensures faster recovery. More and more research is giving PBM a serious place in health care.

Geplaatst op 26 April 2020.

There’s a lot going on around how we can control Corona virus / Covid 19. How can we protect ourselves? A vaccine on an ever mutating virus? Or just keep your immune system strong and make it strong so it can defend itself as intended? We certainly believe in the latter.

From experience and science it has long been known that photobiomodulation (PBM), by the Laeq Health for example, strengthens the immune system in a completely natural way. More and more professionals in the field of photobiomodulation show the good effect of the light-energy method and do additional research.

Like “Effects of PBM on mitochondria, immune system, and its potential for COVID-19, written by Michael R Hamblin Phd (Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Harvard Medical School, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology) and Lew Lim, PhD.

They indicate how PRM helps to protect you from becoming ill or recovering from Covid 19. Further research is being done, but the conclusions are fantastic and scientifically substantiated.

  • Use of red light to modulate body functions is the starting point
  • PBM leads to a positive effect on the chain of mitochondria, leading to restorative functions at a higher level of homeostasis.
  • PBM improves the immune system, so that possible viruses are attacked by the body and to help respiratory diseases.
    Light from ultraviolet to infrared can destabilize the enveloping structures of coronaviruses, increasing the effectiveness of PBM.
  • Nitric oxide is also released during PBM, inhibiting the replication of coronaviruses.
  • PBM also reduces the risks of cytokine storms and sepsis associated with the uncontrolled activity of the immune system when the body is fighting the disease.

All in all, we see that application of PBM (photobiomodulation, uses red light at the right frequency), increases enormously. Because once again, it is a natural way of healing. Better every day with Laeq.

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