Read the characteristic story of a diabetic patient. Fortunately, there is now the Laeq Health 3.0 laser-light method!

Geplaatst op 22 June 2018.

I can not remember what it was like to have no diabetes. No, the weird feeling is in the definitive, lifelong aspect and you are constantly working on it: “you have to measure for a moment, I would actually have to cycle a bit to help lower my blood sugar, How much carbohydrates do I have just taken?, am I still too low or too high ?, do I have dextro with me ?! ”
Constantly being busy with your glucose values and the consequences if you do not keep an eye on it. “A hypo on the road or during a day out? Wow,  I spend a night out without a hyper, do I still have all the tools in stock? etc etc. “.
I realize daily how chronic this chronic condition is …

Dr. H. Franke, medical advisor, responds:
Fortunately, there is now the Laeq Health 3.0, the method that can be used safely, naturally, without side effects and easily and everywhere, with advice twice a day. Anyway, that is fully documented via the Laeq app.
I have taken note of various cases of people with type 2 diabetes. The results are measurably amazing! The values become better and more stable in a short period of time and medication use decreases. Laeq Health does what it promises; The quality of life is increasing enormously. And not unimportantly, the common side effects of medication disappear. Furthermore, it also reduces cholesterol and we see in practice that neuropathic pains decrease because the circulation in the body is improved. The Laeq Health 3.0 is therefore a very welcome addition to the healthcare sector.
Read more about Laeq Health and diabetes here.

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