The art of using technology to change the environment both inside and outside of your body to take control and make it do what you want

Geplaatst op 20 December 2017.

Biohackers are scientists and interested parties who try to promote the health of users with the aid of biology, technology and all kinds of means. Improving the body and health, which is possible if your system is in order. The impact of new technology on people is continually assessed.

Enclosed is a film by the Finnish Biohacker “käsikirja”, which is also connected to the annual Biohacker Summit, which was organized in Stockholm in 2017. Käsikirja has tested the Laeq Health 3.0 extensively and is very enthusiastic about our device. “I have been using the Laeq for several months now. I notice the effect especially on energy level immediately after treatment. I am much more energetic!

In summary, he tells:

  • It’s great that the Dutch Laeq Health has developed a method with red laser light with the right wavelength, in collaboration with the user, with the help of three questions in the app (ehealth) with the goal  to make the effect measurable.
  • The strength is the fixed protocol with which it is offered safely and well to the user.
  • It is based on photobiomodulation, which Käsikirja already knew and positively assessed.
  • Intranasally administered red laser light influences the systemic circulation. Laeq can improve blood flow, oxygen transport and immune function.
  • Why in the nose? In the nose the capillaries and blood flow are abundant. The nose is by far the best place to apply photobiomodulation

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