A new study by The Academic Medical Center Amsterdam shows encouraging results for people with type 2 diabetes. Read here why the Laeq Health laser clip achieves the same in a natural way, without side effects and you just do it at home. So you don’t have to wait!

Geplaatst op 1 November 2018.

Last week, the Amsterdam UMC discovery was published which means that the life of #diabetes patients will become more pleasant because there may less need to inject insulin in the future. Groundbreaking according to various international media.

The starting point of this research is that by means of a balloon and hot water the unhealthy mucous membrane is scorched and in about 2 weeks a healthier mucous membrane is produced. This allows certain cells in the intestinal wall to make special and better intestinal hormones again. These intestinal hormones ensure that the food stays in your stomach for a longer period of time so that it will digest more slowly and your blood sugar level will rise less quickly. The hormones give your pancreas insulin more quickly after a meal and you become more sensitive to insulin. You also get less appetite after eating. With the final result a more stable blood sugar level and less need to inject insulin.

Mucous membrane in the intestines indeed plays an essential role in digestion & metabolism. Diabetes is, therefore, a metabolic disorder that only increases due to the Western lifestyle. The Diabetes Association also indicates that the intestines play a role in Diabetes. Homeostasis is often in imbalance in diabetes.
The ability of the intestine to deal tolerantly with the microbiome (the bacterial population in your intestines) normally leads to homeostasis, a condition in which all metabolic processes and immune reactions in the intestine are in balance with its billions of foreign bacteria. This is often not the case with Diabetes.

The AMC is on the right track if you look at the symptoms and the consequences, although the research will take years.
Photobiomodulation, that what the Laeq method does, does not only work on homeostasis in the gut but on your entire system.

Science shows that Laeq’s laser method ensures that by means of photobiomodulation a recovery of the imbalance in homeostasis is brought about. It brings your body back in the state in which it can better regulate itself. As a result: a better metabolism, a better functioning of the pancreas and the prevention of saccharification of cells. Research also shows that low level stimulates and regenerates pancreatic tissue, including the Langerhans β-cells. 1). Low level laser can therefore be seen as the new treatment for diabetes patients.

Low level laser, if used correctly, ensures that the body is helped in a natural ‘light’ way. Users and scientists show that the medication can significantly reduce or even need to be taken after a while. The practice and the studies also point that out. This also prevents diabetic complications of feet, nerves, eyes, kidneys and heart and blood vessels. And, the risk of extra administration of insulin is drastically reduced. Not surprising that diabetes users feel fitter, get good blood sugar values and experience the quality of life as better.

In short, AMC’s research is hopeful. Restoration of the mucous membrane leads to a better functioning of the body, which can probably bring it into balance. The nice thing is that Laeq’s low level laser method does so in a natural way. So you do not have to wait!




1)     http://medical-clinical-reviews.imedpub.com/the-hypoglycemic-effect-of-intravenous-lasertherapy-in-diabetic-mellitus-type-2-patientsa-systematic-review-and-metaanalyses.php?aid=7573

Dr. Henk Franke
Medisch adviseur Laeq Health BV



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