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Geplaatst op 27 March 2020.

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Quickly strengthen your immune system in a completely natural way

Many people are already familiar with the existence of Laeq Health. But not everyone knows about it yet and that is about to change! In this newsletter we want to talk to you about how you can increase your immunity in a simple way. And in the most innovative and natural way: red laser light. And because we grant this to everyone and everyone needs it now, we have started a temporary action. 
So share this message as much as possible.   We can’t get away from the fact that your body needs some extras and we have that for you.
We are currently receiving many questions and orders from areas where the feared Corona virus is active. The Netherlands, Italy, but also from other countries.
Laeq Health’s method, which uses light energy to boost your immune system, is on the rise and effectively stimulates your body so as not to give pathogens a chance.

Laeq Health laser clip. Just that little extra to be healthy!

Avoid getting sick! We’re good at it!

Health is a lifestyle

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all the actions that governments currently impose, you almost forget what it is all about: being healthy and being able to live happily. We can learn from it that we ourselves are responsible for keeping our immune system strong to prevent illness. Healthy eating, exercise, avoiding stress, washing your hands more often and getting enough sleep are factors that everyone knows. But did you also know that there is a successful and scientifically based method that boosts your immune system in a completely natural way so that intruders such as bacteria and viruses are optimally repelled?
Right, that’s possible with the Laeq Health laser clip. A device that, by means of red laser light through a nose clip, provides you with extra energy for your body twice a day. Below you can read how this works and why it is important for you as well.
We would like to draw your attention to the wonderful method based on ”photobiomodulation”, a safe and protocol-based method that boosts, strengthens and keeps your immune system and can do even more for you.

What you need to know about your immune system

Your immune system changes during your life. With age, the effectiveness of the immune system decreases. An older body is less able to respond to a new pathogen. The older body also produces fewer antibodies in response to an antigen and the antibodies are also less able to bind to an antigen. This may explain why older people are more susceptible to infections such as pneumonia and flu, so it is very important to keep or make your overall immune system, your immune system, strong. And that’s now possible with Laeq’s light energy therapy. Your immune system is stimulated in a completely natural way so that viruses and pathogenic bacteria have considerably less chance. Especially when you reach a higher age the Laeq is a wonderful method to increase the quality of your life. Read all about what Dr. H. Franke PhD writes here.

How does it work and see what our users experience!

The laeq health works by doing a session twice a day. Driven by the Laeq app you will never get too little or too much energy. The cells in your body get exactly the stimulation through your blood that boosts your immune system and also gives you more energy. You use the laser clip through the nose because that is where the blood can be reached most efficiently. Your white blood cells form an important part of your immune system and are charged through the mitochondria, the power plants in your cells. But it does a lot more for you! Read the experiences of our users here!

For our users
Normally a session of 1 time 30 minutes is sufficient. We advise everyone to do the maximum 2 sessions per day in the current time so that your body is optimally protected. In this way you can be assured that your body will fight disease makers such as viruses in a natural and optimal way.

Laeq’s low level laser method does even more for you!

Please read it all again above or on our site. The Laeq photobiomodulation directly stimulates your immune system by charging the mitochondria in your white blood cells and turning them on as much as possible. In addition, with daily use it improves your sleep, reduces oxidative stress and makes you fitter. Exactly, all aspects that directly affect your health!

To give you a chance to use the Laeq for 6 months as well, we have now set up a special promotion. Use the code Red in the order process and receive a temporary discount of no less than €71,50! For an average of just 60 cents a day a better life.

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