All4running is convinced!

Geplaatst op 22 May 2017.

We are very content that all4running, the online running specialist, has included our home laser Laeq Health 3.0 in its assortment. We did not have to convince this big party, they were already convinced after a short period of use.

Among our users, there are many athletes who use it for faster recovery after training, less acidification, better oxygen uptake and increased endurance. It simply improves your performance in a healthy and safe way without any updating.

At the moment, some top athletes have also become convinced of the positive effect on the body and thus their performance.

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What is the Laeq Health in a bird’s eye view:

The Laeq Health 3.0 is a device for monochromatic light (light of 1 wavelength) that is controlled by an app. This monochromatic light is absorbed by all cells in your blood. These are therefore encouraged to function optimally. As a result, improved blood flow, improved oxygen transport, less acidification, an improved immune system and release of endorphins. The photobiomodular energy that will be released increases the cell wall permeability. This provides both for better absorption and delivery of nutrients and for better absorption and waste disposal. The treatment stimulates your red blood cells so that they are better able to hold the iron in your blood. And the better the iron content in your blood, the better your blood will be able to transport oxygen through and deliver to your body.




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