Marco Olde Punte, lifestyle physiotherapist and athlete tested the Laeq himself. The results are astonishing! Cured of chronic colds and forehead cavity inflammation and even faster recovery after sport!

Geplaatst op 30 October 2018.

Last year I came into contact with Laeq Health and their solution in the form of nasal laser to optimize your blood. I was already familiar with the good effects of low level laser, but I did not know this method yet. For me as a lifestyle physiotherapist, this is very interesting because the blood naturally plays a very important role in the whole the body.

So I started using the Laeq Health PBM Clip (photobiomodulation). I have had a chronic forehead inflammation for years, which means that I always have a cold and snort. However, after I used the Laeq for 2 weeks my complaints were greatly reduced. As a result, I was able to breathe deeper, my heart rate at rest was lower and I also recovered considerably faster after intensive physical loads and sports.
Curious as I am, I wanted to test whether this was actually the effect of the Laeq. That is why I did not use the Laeq clip for the next 4 weeks. The result: my forehead was completely full within 4 weeks, I recovered less quickly after exercise, a higher average heartbeat and the complaints came back quickly..

I logically started using the Laeq again. Within a week, the pressure in my forehead diminished, I was able to breathe deeper again, got a lower heart rate again and recover faster after exercise.

This is astonishing!! I feel so much better and it is also good for my sports performances. The effect of the laser is therefore immediately noticeable to me. It is a small effort to Laeq’en and its effects are great.

Given the science behind it, it is logical that this works. A stronger immune system, better oxygen transport, anti-inflammatory, better cholesterol, etc. Completely natural, without side effects. A pure lifestyle product, good for everyone.

Marco Olde Punte
Physiotherapist at Lifestyle Physiotherapy, Medical training, and rehabilitation

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