I sing the praises of blood light therapy devices because I think they are a great way for my patients to take charge of their own health without resorting to yet another medication. (Blog of Jill Carnahan, MD)

Geplaatst op 28 December 2018.

A blog of Dr. Jill, okt 2018

Power Up Your Blood With Photobiomodulation Therapy

You’re eating right, taking supplements, hitting the gym, and making sure you have your 8 hours of sleep.

Yet, you still feel tired.

Firstly, well done for sticking with these habits even though you still don’t feel 100% — I know it’s not easy. But there may be an easy way to improve your energy levels and help you feel more like yourself: photobiomodulation therapy.

Phew, that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it!

I’ve covered photobiomodulation that targets brain fog here, but photobiomodulation therapy (also known as light therapy) is a wonderful non-invasive way of improving your health. You don’t need to book an infrared sauna session, or even leave the comfort of your own home.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but photobiomodulation light therapy is a fascinating way of powering up your blood!

Why Treat Your Blood with Light Therapy?

The idea of using infrared light to improve the condition of your blood may sound incredibly strange — after all, your blood is inside you, and light generally is on the outside. Sounds pointless, however, infrared light devices are designed to get around this.

One of the biggest advantages to photobiomodulation therapy is the improved cognitive function, even in cases of dementia, which I’ve written about before. Photobiomodulation therapy can reduce free radicals in the brain, reducing oxidative damage, and enabling your brain to heal.

Photobiomodulation therapy provides many benefits to your blood, as it:

  • Stabilizes your red blood cells, protecting them against oxidative stress. Shown to be beneficial in cases of patients who require extracorporeal circulation, or blood cleaning.
  • Stimulates your stem cells in the bloodstream to aid wound healing. Also shown to be useful in the healing of bad gingivitis.
  • Reduces your blood pressure, as shown in this animal study.
  • Improves blood glucose regulation, reducing your chances of developing diabetes, as shown by these animalstudies.
  • Increases the function of white blood cells, including lymphatic and macrophage cells, improving your immune system
  • Stimulates synthesis of blood proteins, and improves coagulation process, aiding in a quicker healing process for wounds.
  • Increases the number of kinins in your bloodstream. Kinins are responsible for aiding contractions of the smooth blood vessels and vasodilation.
  • Stimulates maintenance and growth of new capillaries, ensuring that the rest of your body’s tissues are maintained well.
  • Improves the condition of blood for coronary heart disease patients.

How is it possible that a dose of red light can do all these things?

Well, while us humans receive the majority of their energy and nutrition through food, you still have the ability to absorb energy and nutrients through light. After all, one of the most efficient ways of making sure you receive enough vitamin D is through sunlight on the skin — in moderation, of course.

Infrared light essentially supercharges your cells. The light inhibits your cells from using the raw materials to make anything other than adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy source that keeps your body going. But often stress and illness can impede your mitochondria’s ability to make ATP to your full potential.

As ATP is the energy currency crucial to ensure your body is functioning at its best, by using photobiomodulation therapy you’re able to supercharge your cell. And focusing on improving your blood cell energy, you’re ensuring your circulation, immune system, and wound healing are all working at full capacity.

How Do Blood Light Therapy Devices Work?

Blood photobiomodulation devices use a beam of electromagnetic radiation on the 633nm wavelength — ideal for blood irradiation, which sounds scarier than it is. There are no known major side effects from this therapy, as long as the device is used responsibly. At this frequency, the light waves can penetrate cells, but they are unable to penetrate your skin or hair.

To get around the issue of being unable to penetrate your skin, blood photobiomodulation devices use intranasal stimulation technology. While sticking something up your nose in order to improve your blood may seem counterintuitive, there is a density of blood capillaries in your nasal cavity — as the membranes in your nose are quite thin, this means it’s a perfect place to focus the light for blood light therapy. A quality device has a preset timer ensuring that you never keep it in longer than you need to.

Benefits of Blood Photobiomodulation Devices

Okay, it’s true — in the beginning, you may feel a little silly sticking a light up your nose: however, there are many advantages to owning a blood photobiomodulation device which can help you get over the initial discomfort.

These advantages include:

  • Targeted treatment the health of your blood specifically
  • Use of a non-invasive treatment with no major side effects
  • No needles
  • No medication
  • No need to book specific red light therapy for infrared sauna sessions
  • You use it in the privacy of your own home at your own convenience
  • Small portable machine

I sing the praises of blood light therapy devices because I think they are a great way for my patients to take charge of their own health without resorting to yet another medication. ATP is such a basic building block of our health that we take for granted — and we don’t always spot when it’s not being produced properly by our bodies.

“The health of your blood is crucial to the health of your body, as your blood is what transports nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and crucial parts of your immune system. I think it is essential to look after your circulatory system as best you can.”

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