A significant decrease in blood glucose levels was observed after 6 days of use

Geplaatst op 1 November 2018.


Do you still doubt whether Laeq Health also helps you when you lead to #Diabetes?

Take a close look at the chart. Scientists from one of our strategic partners have taken the test. They followed a diabetes patient (female, 65 years, 18 years of diabetes type 2) for 6 days for 24 hours and showed what the other scientists had already published.

In a few days of use of the Laeq Health low level laser method, a significant decrease in blood sugar levels can be seen. Practice shows that after one month of use the blood levels become so good that users of the Laeq  can quickly be reduced or they can even stop with medication.

Do you want to know how? In a completely natural ‘photobiomodulation’ way? Then check https://laeqhealth.com/en/nieuws/summary-why-does-laeq-health-3-0-work-so-well-for-diabetes/.

Less saccharification, more energy, better homeostasis, and a strong immune system?  That is possible with Laeq Health. The risk of having to inject insulin is greatly reduced. For more information, visit https://laeqhealth.com/en/experiences/.

We would also like to carry out such a test in the Netherlands in cooperation with a doctor and diabetes consultant. Is your doctor open to this? Please contact us via info@laeqhealth.com.

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