Laeq Health’s intranasal laser light therapy has a very direct and positive influence on diabetic diseases and symptoms. The improvement of systemic homeostasis, blood properties (such as viscosity) and microcirculation are a direct result of daily use. However, the positive effects go much further……

Geplaatst op 11 September 2018.

The intranasal laser light therapy of Laeq Health has a direct influence on diabetic disorders and symptoms. The improvement of systemic homeostasis, improvement of blood properties (such as viscosity) and improvement of microcirculation are a direct result of daily use. However, the positive effects go further. The regular stimulation of the immune and homeostatic factors not only helps to prevent the progression of diabetes but also helps to improve conditions that may already have been used due to diabetes, such as retinopathy, neuropathy, etc.

  • The Laeq method works in such a way that when it will be used twice a day, the blood sugar levels improve considerably on average. This also reduces the risk of hypers or hypo’s. You feel better and fitter because of the effect of the Low level laser. Risks of Diabetes related diseases are much less likely! Better every day!
  • The Laeq Health 3.0 method ensures a recovery of the imbalance in homeostasis. It brings your body back to the state in which it can regulate itself better. As a result: a better metabolism, a better functioning of the pancreas and the prevention of saccharification of cells. Low level laser ensures that the body is helped in a natural ‘light’ way. This means that medication can be significantly reduced or even no longer needs to be taken after a while. Practice and research have shown this to be the case. This also prevents diabetes complications on feet, nerves, eyes, kidneys and heart and blood vessels.
  • Diabetes is a metabolic disease whose origin is unknown. The metabolism is out of balance which sometimes leads to serious complications and health risks. Prevention is better than cure, because cure by medication is not possible. Medication makes Diabetes manageable. However, by using the Laeq Health 3.0 you improve the entire metabolism and tackle diabetes in the basics.
  • Mitochondria that do not work properly are often mentioned as the cause of diseases. Mitochondria will perform better because of the Laeq Health 3.0. Your immune system is considerably strengthened by charging the mitochondria in the white blood cells. The red blood cells are going to perform much better and that is important for oxygen, preventing acidification and all the functions in your body including insulin production. Low level laser therapy is known for increasing ATP energy. More energy available for your body. You can find more about this on our website.
  • Laeq ensures that more oxygen is available for your body. Also that the blood aggregation improves and it works very effectively for naturally lowering cholesterol.
  • It has been proven that low level laser can also improve diabetes complaints such as retinopathy and neuropathy, but also that one gets fitter. Quality of Life.
  • Sugarification/ glycosis of your cells is very dangerous. Sugared cells lose functions such as oxygen transport and do not participate in the necessary body processes. Your body becomes disrupted, including your brain. Excessive blood sugar must be prevented at all times; this is now possible with laeq in a natural way.
  • Because the Laeq method ensures that your metabolism & homeostasis will function properly again, sugarification is prevented. In practice, this means that you can clearly measure the consequences after one month. Saccharification decreases drastically due to a better functioning of your entire system.
  • Diabetes cannot be cured with medication and medication is usually focused on a part / symptom or deficiency. Since diabetes is a metabolic disease, and the Laeq method ensures that the metabolism runs better and thus better functioning of all parts in the system (red blood cell / energy / insulin / glucagon / oxygen … etc.), the laeq device is THE tool to help your body function better in a natural way and without side effects. Stable sugar levels,  less medication instead of ever increasing medication. Since low level laser therapy provides better blood aggregation (thickness of the blood) all functions can be performed much better. All natural; the power of light.
  • Too much sugar is dangerous. This leads to fats in your liver, blood and more belly fat. Being overweight is a major risk factor, it also leads to becoming less sensitive to the important hormone; insulin. The Laeq Health helps you in a natural way to improve your metabolism, to adjust the insulin production, but also to become fitter and to be able to move more.



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