Athletes, pay attention !!

Geplaatst op 13 June 2018.

As is known, more and more athletes use the Laeq Health to perform better and achieve their goals. And  even get more results from your training work. Moreover, you want to recover faster, after your training and especially after an injury. Well, with PBM (Photobiomodulation), thanks to Laeq, you can achieve both.

Simple because the PBM method through Laeq Health ensures that:

  • your oxygen capacity of your body increases
  • you stimulate the body in all processes (more ATP Energy is available)
  • you improve your performance with the help of Laeq Health technology
  • You increase the erythrocyte structure and strengthen the oxygen capacity in your blood circulation
  • There is less rapid acidification because less lactate is formed by photobiomodulation (the acid residue of lactic acid).
  • It can be used easily and everywhere and helps your body in a natural way without side effects.

Only advantages
In accordance with scientific research, we recommend using the Laeq Health laser / PBM Clip for training or performance. Why?

  • You are then able to perform at the highest level
  • Your muscles will then be better protected against damage and acidification
  • Which greatly improves your recovery

Fortunately, you can use the Laeq Health 3.0 twice a day, so once before training and after training. Provided there is only a minimum of 6 hours of hours to achieve the optimal effect.

Below is a summary of Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, University of Sao Paulo Brazil, who discusses the outcomes of the research “photobiomodulation” improves performance and accelerates recovery among rugby players “, where researchers used photobiomodulation to treat rugby players with great results.

The healthiest way to improve performance! Or as a user of the Laeq says: “I now perform much more consistently better!“.

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