A publication on the intranasal low level laser method (photobiomodulation)

Geplaatst op 30 June 2017.

Here you can read the summary  of a wonderful article about Low level laser therapy “on the Laeq Health way”, published by Dr. Stengler. He is a doctor who regularly appears on FOX, CBS, NBC and also has published about photobiomodulation. The article is published in Health Revelations.

His conclusions fully match our conclusions, the scientific studies we use and of course our user experiences:

  • Light therapies have a long historie of success.
  • There is a lot of scientific evidence.
  • The use of lasers for blood irradiation is an accepted treatment by doctors around the world.
  • This is a  highly effective and inexpensive therapy.
  • Intranasal Laser Therapy has several different mechanisms of action. First it stimulates the energy warehouses of your cells to produce more energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate).
  • The increased energy output leads to improved cellular healing. It reduces inflammation and improves immune system response allowing your body to make tissue repairs and to regen- erate blood capillaries.
  • Intranasal Laser Therapy reduces the clumping of red blood cells so that there’s less shearing force on the blood vessel walls. is means less damage to the blood vessel walls and potentially less plaque and clot formation. It also means that oxy- gen and nutrients are delivered more effciently to your cells while cellular waste products are disposed of more effciently as well.
  • Intranasal Laser Therapy also stimulates the tempo- rary production of a reactive oxygen species, also known as a free radicals. Your immune system actually utitilizes free radicals to destroy harmful invaders and cancer cells. When ILT stimulates free radicals it signals your immune system to respond and heightens its benefcial activity.
  • Blood ow is increased to distressed tissues triggering cell DNA (genetic code) to repair.
  • For Asthma and allergies.
  • For improving blood pressure and viscosity.
  • It also helps those recovering from chemotherapy and radiation by improving their immunity and cellular energy production.
  • Cancer can be fought using ILT to improve the immune response. It can also help reduce the pain and fatigue associated with cancer.
  • Elevated cholesterol can be treated.
  • ILT also benefit those suffering from chronic fatigue as well as athletes who want to improve their perfor- mance recovery.
  • Exercise recovery can be improved. Post exercise fatigue and pain can be reversed using ILT. The therapy helps improve blood ow, reduce inflammation, and boost neurological function.
  • Elevated levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone).
  • Post-stroke recovery can be im- proved.
  • In addition, brain scans (SPECT) have shown that ILT improves brain blood ow.

Download here the full article.

For those interested, we will soon put a page on our site about all the scientific research on which our treatment method is based :-).


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