Mario Stevens

Founder of Laeq Health

At the end of 2015 I was introduced to and touched by PBM. To my great surprise, I discovered that it was still unknown in the Netherlands, even though it was already being used in several other countries and it was described positively in literally thousands of scientific studies.

 To see if PBM could convince us in practice of its use and effectiveness, my wife was willing to undergo PBM treatment. She has a history of chronic illness, as well as such a disrupted immune system that she was always the first to suffer from any flu or cold. I have to say ‘was’, because since she’s been using PBM, no flu has been able to get a hold of her.

If only we’d known before that PBM was so effective, so safe, and so easy to use. That would’ve saved us a lot of money for therapies, medication and other personal costs.

Driven by this success, we made it our mission to make PBM available to the general public. So I applied my full work experience and training of the past 24 years to create Laeq Health.

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