Ronald Menneken

Founder of Laeq Health

Addition of management:
Since the fourth quarter of 2018, Ronald Menneken is no longer actively involved in Laeq Health B.V.. The organization is led by the Laeq team and medical adviser Dr. H. Franke phd. If you have any questions or need information, I request that you contact Mr. M. Stevens, CEO of Laeq Health. You can do this via

After having worked in the medical commercial sector for many years, and after having completed many specialist courses within that sector, I decided to devote myself to PhotoBioModulation (PBM) in May of 2010. In the years before that, one of my jobs was to train medical specialists to use new technology, and one of those new technology items was an autologous blood transfusion system.

These experiences formed my basis to professionally investigate and position laser therapy. At first I focused on medical laser therapy in the healthcare sector, but it wasn’t long before I discovered the therapeutic laser method PBM.

My father suffered from heart failure, and I started looking for a method to improve his quality of life. That method became PBM, because it improves blood circulation as well as increases energy levels. I discovered more and more the effects of the therapeutic laser and found out that the mechanisms – and through that, the essence – of both medical and therapeutical lasers are the same: providing energy to cells. That realisation resulted in the first PBM developments and the first product versions of the Laeq devices to improve issues including circulation and oxygen transport.

For my father, this has meant reducing the burden of his heart failure and a better quality of life.

We started developing our product, which finally resulted in the Laeq Health 3.0. The wavelength of the laser, the wattage and the treatment duration are based on scientific research (evidence based medicine). The developments and further processes in collaboration with parties including Pain Control Centre and numerous other technological and/or scientific partners have led to Laeq Health and to the home laser Laeq Health 3.0.

But the most important result of these developments has been the many satisfied clients, the many satisfied users of the Laeq Health 3.0. Users who experience and feel every day how effective PBM is. Who feel stronger and fitter every day. Who feel better every day.

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