Pain in connective tissue and muscles


Fibromyalgia: literally fibromyalgia means ‘pain in connective tissue and muscles’. Around two in every hundred adults suffer from the affliction – including many tens of thousands of people in the Netherlands. Fibromyalgia afflicts mainly women between 20 and 60 years of age.

Symptoms and complaints

Chronic pain and stiffness, mainly of the neck, hips, shoulders and hands, are the symptoms of fibromyalgia. In addition, fibromyalgia patients may suffer from digestive problems, skin complaints, eczema, dry eyes and a dry mouth, as well as a tingling or burning sensation in the limbs and an abnormal – bad – sleep pattern.

As a result, exhaustion, and, eventually, a chronic shortage of energy are exceedingly common. This has many negative effects, including progressive effects, on the body and the entire wellbeing of sufferers.

Statistics and figures

400,000 Dutch people suffer from fibromyalgia. 70% suffers from sleep problems, 50% has difficulties with walking and social activities, and 55% suffers from depression.

  • 70%
    Suffer from sleep disorders
  • 50%
    Has trouble with walking and social activities
  • 55%
    Suffer from depression


Until recently, it was quite difficult to determine the cause of fibromyalgia, if only because you can’t see it on x-rays. So it’s not surprising that the diagnosis of fibromyalgia was often the result of eliminating other afflictions. But that was only until recently.

Since 2013 professor Frank L. Rice, a neuroscientist with the University of New York, has shown that fibromyalgia can be traced back to a disrupted blood flow. And that this disrupted blood flow is the source of the muscle aches, the other pains, and all other complaints – including the exhaustion – that plague fibromyalgia patients.


Based on science

So the cause of fibromyalgia has been studied scientifically. First on 20 May of 2013 in the important scientific journal Pain Medicine of The American Academy of Pain Medicine. After that, the findings of professor Rice have also received much attention globally. His research was discussed on many media – and mainly in a positive light. In the Netherlands, it was covered by Elsevier.

But there is more. On 6 November 2013 Newton published in Health Ring that increased pH in the muscles correlates to reduced blood flow in the brains as a result of persisting constriction (vasoconstriction) of the blood vessels in the brain. PBM also has an answer for this issue.


The cause of fibromyalgia has been determined and a solution is at hand. The least PBM does is completely optimising your blood circulation, combating acidification and optimising your serotonin level. So gone are the days of ineffective painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and soporifics – including all awful side effects. With Laeq, with PBM, with the home laser and with the Laeq app, you can now combat your fibromyalgia effectively.

Not just in the sense of treating symptoms: we’re talking about true recovery.

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