Getting fitter

As a recreational or professional athlete, you only care about one thing: getting better all the time.

And if it’s at all possible, increasing the results of your training sessions. What’s more, you also want to recover more quickly – after your training sessions, but also after an injury. Well, with PBM – so thanks to Laeq – you can achieve both.

Increase your endurance

PBM is a height training platform at home. Think about it: better blood circulation, more red blood cells, better oxygen intake and better oxygen transport. The result is increased endurance.

Recover more quickly

A better blood circulation, better oxygen intake and better oxygen transport… Those factors undoubtedly contribute to nutrients being absorbed into your blood more quickly and waste products being disposed of more quickly. As a result, you recover more quickly after your training sessions.




Reduce muscle aches

The all-round increased oxygen management of your blood, combined with increased intake of nutrients and increased disposal of waste products, leads to fewer and less severe muscle aches.

Improve your performance

Better endurance, faster recovery and reduced muscle aches: it should be clear by now that PBM does what you, as an athlete, want. Improving your performance.

Better every day

For less than 1 euro a day


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