The most direct way to keep your immune system in optimal condition. Activate 100% of your white blood cells with Laeq’s photobiomodulation.

Geplaatst op 21 September 2020.

Autumn is approaching and that also means that another flu epidemic is on its way. Every year there are fixed patterns; a mild form in autumn followed by an influenza virus towards the end of the year / beginning of the new year. And not to forget the corona / Covid-19 virus that is still among us…

Nobody is waiting to get sick and getting the flu is very annoying. Let alone getting the Covid-19 virus. However, the good news is that you can do a lot about it yourself. You can change your lifestyle and habits, for example, and for many people the Laeq Health laser clip method is also included, because it helps you a lot! Proven by thousands of scientific studies, easy and natural.

Important for everyone!

According to the Influenza Foundation in The Netherlands, the following target groups run an additional risk of getting flu / corona. These are people who are 60 years of age or older, people who suffer from a cardiovascular disease, lung disease, diabetes or kidney disease or who have little resistance due to illness or medication such as chemotherapy. But in fact, everyone should keep his or her immune system in perfect condition, especially in the present day’s. Laeq’s photobiomodulation method is groundbreaking and also makes you fitter! That is what everyone wants.

A word on Corona:

We have written many times about the positive effects of Laeq’s laser method on Covid. Much is now clear about this virus. It is still among us and when you have had it, the immunity seems to be there only temporarily. The very best protection against a virus is to lock yourself in your home and have no contact with anyone until the virus has blown over. Not really ideal, of course. Still, you can do something if you know how a virus works. And that is to make your immune system as powerful and effective as possible. We all know this from the flu virus that passes by once a year. The healthier and more vital you are, the less susceptible a virus gets to you.

A strong immune system is a very important factor for a flu virus AND for Covid. In many cases, it causes a virus infection with less serious complaints, even when the Covid virus passes by.

Healthier, more vital, a strong immune system? Right, that’s exactly what the Laeq Health laser clip helps you with. Always the right stimulation for your body by controlling the Laeq Health app.

Your immune system

Your blood is the key to boosting your immune system. Blood gives you life and constantly flows through our body to enable all the body’s important functions. Your blood contains red blood cells as well as white blood cells. These play a key role in the functioning of your immune system. The white blood cells are essential to protect you against intruders! And these white blood cells are the secret to optimise your immune system. This concerns in particular the T- and B-cells… The T cells, together with the B cells, are the immune system’s memory and cleansing service.

The beauty of Laeq’s photobiomodulation

By using the Laeq Health nose clip and the specific wavelength of the laser light, the mitochondria in the white blood cell (immune system), the batteries in the cell, are charged with energy. This makes them more active and stronger. You understand, you charge your immune system directly by simply applying laser light with our specific wavelength on a daily basis. How beautiful! No matter how natural. So direct stimulation is the result. Oh yes, in addition, other processes are stimulated so that you become fitter, go to sleep better and recover faster.

There is no more direct way to stimulate your immune system

We are currently doing research into the effect of photobiomodulation and Covid / immune system in collaboration with the University of Twente and Saxion. More about this later. It shows the great potential of photobiomodulation for the health of us all.

A word about Covid and why the Laeq is so important

There is no working vaccine and the only way not to get sick is to have strong resistance. Researchers have found that about 20 to 50% of people have T- and B-cells capable of recognising the new coronavirus. So even without having already had the virus. This finding, too, leads to the conclusion that everyone should now charge the white blood cells in order to give the virus less of a chance.

With the Laeq Health nose clip you boost the entire immune system and we do this in the most direct way with a direct effect. This is important for everyone and certainly for older people where the resistance decreases as they get older.

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