With Laeq you don’t give flu a chance because you are boosting your immune system.

Geplaatst op 11 September 2018.

A good immune system significantly reduces the risk of flu. Flu and colds are both caused by viruses. Fortunately, Every human has its own natural resistance to pathogens. Our resistance ensures that bacteria and viruses that enter the body are combated and do not make us ill. A good resistance is therefore not only important in the prevention of flu and colds, but also in the prevention of other viral or bacterial diseases.

A strong immune system is an important basis for becoming and remaining healthy. And that is exactly what the laser-light method of Laeq does! It boosts your immune system!

How does that work?
Your blood consists partly of white blood cells. These cells have mitochondria. These are the power plants in the cell. By illuminating them with the Laeq Health 3.0 they are charged by means of photobiomodulation and will continue to perform well. On our website you can read all about this.

So fear of the flu wave? Don’t give flu a chance. The innovative way of Laeq ensures that your immune system works optimally and you will feel fitter and more vital! And oh yes, it also works very well with diabetes, migraine, better sleep, getting fitter…

Want to know more about strengthening your immune system with laser?
Here are some quotes from the many scientific studies on “Application of the laser in immunobiology”.

  • Both visible light and infrared low reactive-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been shown to act on immune system cells in a number of ways, activating the irradiated cells to a higher level of activity.
  • Infrared LLLT has been shown to increase both the phagocytic and chemotactic activity of human leukocytes. This is an example of photobiological activation.
  • LLLT has also been shown to act directly and selectively on the autoimmune system, restoring immunocompetence to immunocompetence cells.
  • There are enough experimental and clinical data to show that the laser, and LLLT in particular, has a possibly exciting role both in immunobiological therapy for diseases of the immune system, and to activate and boost the normal reaction of the immune system components against harmful foreign bodies.

Reduce sick leave? This can be done in a great natural and innovative way.  You too will soon ‘like’ the Laeq.  Vital employees, that’s priceless!


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