Perfect for optimising your #health and #sport performance 💪

Geplaatst op 16 September 2022.

Did you know that the nasal cavity is saturated with blood vessels? Five major arteries are in direct connection with the bloodstream, making it the perfect place for systemic photobiomodulation like the Laeq clip.

Intranasal laser treatment improves oxygenation and leads to more (ATP) energy in various tissues, including the brain. The light energy absorbed by the biological process in the blood, leads to an increase in nitric oxide (NO). NO is one of the most important factors for microcirculation. This leads to increased vasodilation and consequently improved blood flow, which contributes to improved oxygen supply to tissues.

Perfect for optimizing your #health and #sport performance

Laeq Laser for high blood pressure: reduction and improvement at 80%


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