Did you know that Laeq’s laser is also effective for hypertension/high blood pressure?

Geplaatst op 30 July 2022.

Research by the Heart Foundation shows that 1 in 3 Dutch people aged 30 to 70 have high blood pressure and/or take medication for it. Of these, 4 in 10 do not know, that they may belong to a risk group. This is about 1.2 million Dutch people. Without intervention, this number will increase in the coming years. If half of the Dutch people manage to achieve and maintain a healthier blood pressure, this could save almost 100,000 cardiovascular patients by 2030.

If your blood pressure is too high for too long, you are more at risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia, heart failure, constricted blood vessels and impaired kidney function. High blood pressure is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease. (Source hartstichting.nl).

A collaboration between Laeq Health, Saxion and the University of Twente led to a study among diabetes patients at Enschede’s Comsa GP practice.

The study used Laeq’s laser light method, an all-natural treatment method which is scientifically called Photobiomodulation.

The study showed the positive effects of Laeq Health’s laser clip:

patients’ sugar levels dropped
blood pressure improved
gained more energy and resilience. The results thus show the positive effect of Laeq Health’s laser clip.
One of the main outcomes was that 80% of the study participants got better blood pressure by using the nose clip.The results seem surprising however it is agreement results from scientific research. For example, the conclusion from this study state the following: “The results of the current study indicate that ILIB can be safely used as an adjunctive method to regulate blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol (total, LDL and HDL). The results of the current study have clearly shown that, laser therapy with wavelengths within the visible spectrum is able to help patients achieve homeostasis.”

Thus, controlling your blood pressure is essential for good health. Using the Laeq nasal laser helps with this. The research conducted with the Laeq health shows wonderful results:


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