Is that why the Laeq nose clip has such a positive effect on lung covid related complaints?

Geplaatst op 4 July 2022.

We have recently received many positive reactions to the use of the laeq nose clip in lung covid-related complaints. They become fitter more quickly and also recover their sense of smell. Take a look below:


New Canadian research shows that there may be a connection between the effect of the Laeq (photobiomodulation) and these wonderful results.
Perhaps this explains the success?

Many people suffer from long-term complaints, such as breathing problems, after having experienced a corona infection and can hardly perform any strenuous activities. The group of patients with lung covid is still increasing. So this gives more than hope.

The study

Het gaat om een studie bij 34 mensen met langdurige covid. De resultaten moeten als ’verkennend en hypothese-genererend’ worden beschouwd. Maar hoofdonderzoeker Grace Parraga stelt op Global News van Television Network dat het heel opwindend is om daadwerkelijk iets te vinden dat verkeerd is. „Dat het in de longen van de patiënten zit en niet in hun hoofd.

Rode bloedcellen

The researchers in Ontario were looking for a microscopic abnormality in the way oxygen moves from the lungs to the blood vessels of long-term corona patients. Other routine tests and chest exams with existing equipment have so far shown normal values in patients with lung covid; this often makes patients feel like they are faking it. Therefore, an mri technique was developed by Western University that is five times more sensitive and has five times the spatial resolution of a CT scan. This allowed the researchers to see how small branches of air tubes in the lungs move oxygen to the red blood cells of their patients. All 34 patients who participated in the study experienced problems with the level of oxygen absorbed by their red blood cells.

Breathe more

Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Any disruption in the flow of this oxygen to red blood cells will prompt the brain to say ‘breathe more’, resulting in a feeling of shortness of breath, Parraga explains.


And that is exactly what the Laeq nose clip method does. It improves the energy flows and ensures better functioning of the red blood cells and white blood cells. This improves the oxygen transport, among other things. You can find more about this on our site.

For information on the study click here .

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