After extensive testing, the effect of the Laeq for this doctor was undeniable

Geplaatst op 11 April 2019.

We have often written and demonstrated that the attention for photobiomodulation / low level laser is increasing enormously. Both in terms of research numbers and their use.

Last week we were called by the parents of a boy who has a nasty metabolic disease that, among other things, causes brain cells to die because waste accumulates. This has serious consequences at a very young age including decreased vision, decreasing cognitive abilities, deterioration of mental abilities, fatigue, reduction of communication, etc. Really bad. Especially considering the relatively short life expectancy of this beautiful male….

Due to personal positive experiences with low level laser, the parents have now been in possession of the Laeq for about 2 years. And we experience wonderful things together. His vision seems to be deteriorating slower than expected, cognitive abilities are stimulated, he became clearer again and started to communicate better. Thankful parents and Laeq employees. Wonderful to see how this boy was in contact with people and his environment.

We do know what our method does for you to stay healthy, to become healthier and fitter. Science shows it; better waste disposal and uptake of nutrients, better circulation, recharging of your mitochondria, improvement of cognitive functions, more energy, and more. After all, we have developed the laeq based on science. Denying the effect is therefore actually not possible.

Despite the positive results, doctors in the Netherlands still find it difficult to promote a product that works naturally. There is, however, increasing interest. Not a chemical method but a laser energy method that stimulates the self-healing ability of the body.

How cool it is that this boy got a vision test last week. A test before and after using the laeq. The test clearly showed that after using the laser the scores get better, he sees better, and also responds more alertly …
Now it was no longer possible for this doctor to deny. Substantiated and well.

The aforementioned parents are going to make the laeq method available to others. They also noticed that doctors in the Netherlands tend to continue to think and act traditionally … even when they see that new methods such as the Laeq lead to improvements for their patients. A method where proven results have been demonstrated.

Our method is now being embraced by more doctors and physiotherapists. You may know courageous doctors who are intrinsically curious about new things, who are brave enough to help improve the world with photobiomodulation. Would you let us know so that together we can make the world a better place?

* The Laeq is a tool that stimulates self-healing ability in a natural way through low level laser energy. Made according to scientifically substantiated specifications. There is a lot of science about the positive effects of low level laser for your body and your well-being. Better immune system, homeostasis, blood circulation, more ATP energy, less acidification, more oxygen, etc.

Editor’s note:
Improving vision is more common among Laeq users. In particular, in the case of #Retinopathy with Diabetes, but also with other disorders (EDS) this is reported by users to Laeq.

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