Millions of people worldwide have pre-diabetes. Progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes isn’t inevitable. 

Geplaatst op 29 March 2019.

Diabetes is a global and ever-increasing problem. Millions of people have serious symptoms every day as a result of this metabolic disease.

Another millions of people worldwide (1 in 3 in Europe and the Middle East) have pre-diabetes.

Prediabetes means that your blood sugar level is higher than normal but not yet high enough to be type 2 diabetes. Without lifestyle changes, people with prediabetes are very likely to progress to type 2 diabetes. If you have prediabetes, the long-term damage of diabetes – especially to your heart, blood vessels, and kidneys – may already be starting.

There’s good news, however. Progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes isn’t inevitable. Eating healthy, physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight AND photobiomodulation can help bring your blood sugar level back to normal.

And that is exactly why the Laeq Health photobiomodulation method helps you not to get diabetes!

More energy to move around, a better blood flow, a strong improvement of homeostasis and metabolism, resulting in normal and balanced blood sugar values, a strong immune system.

Do you want to know if you have pre-diabetes? Take an online test:

But even better, change your lifestyle with Laeq and feel better every day.


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