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Geplaatst op 30 October 2017.

This week, a very important article appeared by renowned professor L. Newton, performed among 35 CVS patients and 51 healthy people. This study undoubtedly states that the cells of this patient group are not able to produce sufficient energy. People who have already knew this from experience. They want, but can not produce enough energy.

Newton and her team isolated peripheral mononuclear blood cells from 35 CVS patients and 51 healthy “guinea pigs” and studied the energy production by adding inhibitors / stimulants. By means of blood tests two experiments were performed. Read the full review here!

 The results of her research are important:

  • The mitochondrial function of the cells in CVS patients differs from the control group due to the limited activity of the mitochondria
  • When the cells experience physiological stress, they are less able to fulfill cellular energy requirements.
  • There are metabolic differences over the control group that emphasize the inability of CVS patients to fulfill the cellular energetic requirements. Both under basic conditions and when mitochondria are stressed during periods of high metabolic demand. 

As Laeq Health wrote earlier, ME / CVS complaints actually catch in one characteristic: “Not fatigue, but unable to recover from exhaustion after an effort is the core symptom.” And that can also be difficult if the cells do not produce enough energy as the research also shows.

 Fortunately, there is a solution. The Laeq Health Home Laser has a number of important features why it helps you so much and provides more energy and recovery capacity:

  • Charging of the mitochondria (cell batteries)
  • Increase in oxygen transport
  • Improvement of total blood circulation
  • Increase in endorphin production
  • Optimization of serotonin content in blood and brain
  • Increase of resistance / immune system
  • Faster cure by stimulating DNA replication and cell division
  • Stimulation of nerve cell activity
  • Stimulation of organ function
  • Improvement of cell membrane permeability for improved feed and transit of nutrients and waste effluents
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Reduction of pain and muscle cramps 

Scientific research (Nivel, 2008) shows that about two-thirds of ME / CVS patients suffer from fibromyalgia or chronic digestive disease. Previously, Laeq published a message from Professor J.L. Newton on the role of acidification in fibromyalgia patients. Also for this group, better oxygen absorption, charging of the mitochondria and everything that Laeq Health 3.0 does is important to restore recovery.

Once again, it appears again how well the Laeq method matches any desired improvements if you suffer from fibromyalgia or ME / CVS.

Dr. H. Franke.



Julia L. Newton is a Clinical Professor of Ageing and Medicine at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom. She has published a number of ME/CFS studies focusing on autonomic nervous system[1] dysfunction and the role of inflammation in fatigue. She is a member of the UK CFS/ME Collaborative and is the Joint Medical Adviser of the charity Action for ME.


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