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Multi functional medical low level laser therapy device

Price: 1.681,25 999,00

The Laeq laser is a very powerful multifunctional softlaser-therapy instrument. Safe, stable, easy to handle and to carry, it can be adjusted from 5 mw to 200 mw, even during therapy. It is made of a durable quality and can be used for larger areas.

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The total output of the single laser head with 650 nm is 775 mw. The laser pen is also suitable for acupuncture (total output 180mw).Pulse and continuous mode. The 2 laser heads can be used independently or simultaneously. Each of the probes has its own timer. Both probes have 5 power settings, giving users a wide range of options for performing various therapies for acute and deep-seated inflammations and injuries. 

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Laeq Health – 12 months

Price: 346,75 215,00

You order your Laeq Health for a period of 12 months. The useful life of a Laeq health is six months. This means you will receive your 2nd package automatically and free. Thus you pay less than 1 euro per day for use of the Laeq health!

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