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We continuously want to improve and innovate ourselves
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Better every day

Laeq Health

It took us more than a year to create the product – the Laeq Health 3.0 – with which we could enter the market. No costs nor efforts were spared. Numerous partners have helped us by supporting the project. Partners who do everything they can as our ambassadors. Ambassadors for PBM, that is: for the Laeq Health 3.0.

And ambassadors should exist, in every way possible. This is an example of e-health. Of the healthcare of our time and of the future. An example, too, of user-friendliness and safety. But above all, an example of effectiveness: focused optimally on becoming better, staying healthy and growing fitter. And the product is also very affordable, so available to everyone.

The experiences of the first PBM users were very hopeful. Their stories about their improved lives told us all we needed to know. Caution was replaced more and more by curiosity. Even enthusiasm. From fibromyalgia patient groups to the chronically exhausted.

The basis of PBM is here, in the form of the Laeq Health 3.0. But our mission isn’t complete yet. In 2017, for example, we focus on the development of the Laeq Pro, laser equipment developed specifically for physiotherapy practices who want to reduce their treatment intensity and increase their clients’ satisfaction. Soon they will be able to apply PBM in different ways without any costs. Supported by protocols, safe treatments and high-quality equipment.

Ronald Menneken (1964)

After having worked in the medical commercial sector for many years, and after having completed many specialist courses within that sector, I decided to devote myself to PhotoBioModulation (PBM) in May of 2010. In the years before that, one of my jobs was to train medical specialists to use new technology, and one of those new technology items was an autologous blood transfusion system. These experiences formed my basis to professionally investigate and position laser therapy. At first I focused on medical laser therapy in the healthcare sector, but it wasn’t long before I discovered the therapeutic laser method PBM. Read more.

Mario Stevens (1968)

At the end of 2015 I was introduced to and touched by PBM. To my great surprise, I discovered that it was still unknown in the Netherlands, even though it was already being used in several other countries and it was described positively in literally thousands of scientific studies. To see if PBM could convince us in practice of its use and effectiveness, my wife was willing to undergo PBM treatment. She has a history of chronic illness, as well as such a disrupted immune systems. Read more.

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