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Do you have a business or practice and would you like to stand for “Laeq as a lifestyle”? Or are you a member of a research institute or an expert? We are looking to expand our network of qualified individuals to work with.

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Do you have a practice or business, are you a member of a research institute or are you an expert in a field related to photobiomodulation / low level laser? We are looking to expand our network of qualified individuals to work with.

Please contact us to see if you qualify as an affiliate or reseller.

If you are a researcher in the field of diabetes, immunology, metabolism, migraine, physical performance or cognitive processes, please contact us to find out more or use the Laeq equipment.

Why Laeq Health?

Laeq’s technology is used by a wide variety of health and performance target groups. From ordinary people who want to get better or use it to stay healthy (lifestyle), but also by (semi) professional athletes. In addition, we collaborate with leading research institutes, such as the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Science in Enschede, the Netherlands. The Laeq Health devices are unique in their performance and use and provide a completely safe and natural way to become healthy, stay healthy and become fitter. Fully scientifically based on many successful scientific studies. Familiarity with Photobiomodulation / low level laser / Photomedicine is growing rapidly and is gaining an increasingly prominent place as a lifestyle item and health product worldwide.

Laeq Health has won several national and international awards for our innovation:

Laeq’s Affiliate Informatie

Business Affiliate

If you have a health or lifestyle practice, are an expert or business owner, please contact us to see if you qualify as an affiliate or reseller for Laeq products. Do you have a physiotherapy practice, lifestyle advice or would you like to be an ambassador for our beautiful method and sell Laeq as a reseller with a good margin? Then please contact us.

Laeq Health supports you with copyrighted media and personalized support by our staff and medical advisor. We try to help you promote our devices in a customer-focused way that meets our standards.


If you are a researcher in one of the areas where Laeq Health is used, such as strengthening the immune system, diabetes, vascular diseases, migraine etc., please contact us to discuss how we can collaborate by conducting approved research in combination with Laeq products. Collaboration with our research partners is also negotiable.


If you are a (semi) professional athlete and are interested in using Laeq’s photobiomodulation method to increase stamina, reduce acidification, recover faster after exercise and prevent injuries?
Then contact us today. More and more athletes are discovering Laeq as the ultimate supplement in exercise programs. We’re happy to help them overcome performance-related barriers and continuously build our network and data.

Contact us for more information or register as a reseller:

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    Wordt reseller van Laeq en:

    • Become an ambassador of a high quality health product for everyone
    • Make the world a more beautiful place with a completely natural and safe product that can be used in the comfort of your own home.
    • Become part of the Laeq community and grow with us
    • Earn a fair and good margin without large investments!

    Laeq Health in vogelvlucht

    • professionals

      The Laeq-app

      No matter how independently you can use your Laeq Health 3.0 on your own, you will never be alone. On the contrary, because your laser is always in direct contact with the Laeq app on your smartphone. This app registers use and controls the Laeq Health 3.0.
      As a user, you only need to keep track of how you feel via the app.

    • High user-compliance

      The direct contact and constant monitoring via the app certainly also contribute to your therapy compliance. And thus to the best possible effect of the treatment. With all the pleasant consequences that this entails in terms of combating and ultimately remedying your complaints. But certainly also to prevent complaints.

    • professionals


      Guaranteed safe, PRM. So your laser has a built-in ‘powercontrol’. A resistance that ensures that you will never, ever be given more energy than you need. Never more than is good for you. What’s more, the Laeq app makes any form of overuse and therefore overdose completely impossible.

    • Recognition everywhere

      More and more recognized, PBM. To begin with, because it is positively underpinned by scientific research. But above all, of course, because it has proven itself to be an effective treatment. Endorsed by more and more users and more and more medical specialists.


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