Prevention and treatment of hay fever, chronic colds and sinus infections


Every year, more than 5 million people suffer from a form of (chronic) rhinitis. That is quite a lot. Rhinitis means inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane. According to rhinologist Prof. Dr. Wytske Fokkens (AMC), approximately 50% of people with chronic rhinitis have an “allergy”. The remaining 50% are caused by a variety of factors. In spite of the fact that the disease affects such a large group, they often still think that nothing can be done about it. But there is!

Rhinitis is still often underestimated. People are often told that their symptoms are not so bad after all. This while the quality of your life may have deteriorated enormously. Factors such as reduced resistance, worsening condition and a disturbed sleep-wake rhythm affect daily activities such as work or school. And the Laeq helps you with all these complications in a completely natural way!

Download here a study on the effect and effect of Photobiomodulation in Rhinitis: Phototherapie for Treatment Allergic Rhinitis (University of Taiwan 2013)

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

Hay fever is a seasonal variant that occurs in about 30% of the population. Unlike chronic rhinitis (chronic cold), it is not caused by a virus. Hay fever is an exaggerated allergic reaction of our body to pollen from trees, plants and grasses. This mainly concerns pollen that is spread by the wind and inhaled together with the air. As soon as pollen comes into contact with the sensitive mucous membrane of the nose, mouth and eyes, our immune system is activated. In order to keep unwanted intruders out, our immune system produces the substance histamine. Histamine ensures that pollen is rendered harmless. This does not go unnoticed because histamine causes swelling and redness of the mucous membranes, itching and a feeling of fatigue and listlessness. And Laeq’s low level laser technology can do something about that.
Hay fever often leads to complaints such as a cold, a blocked or runny nose, itching in the nose, sneezing, pressure on facial cavities, headaches and fatigue during the day.

Statistics and numbers

More than 5 million Dutch suffer from a form of (chronic) rhinitis every year.


  • 30%
    % of the population affected by Rhinitis
  • 50%
    % where the cause is found in allergy
  • 85%
    % of people with allergic asthma who also have allergic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis (chronic cold)

The most common form of rhinitis is rhinitis. Everyone has to deal with this at some point. It is caused by a virus. With chronic symptoms of the cold, symptoms such as a blocked nose and a runny nose always persist. These symptoms can be an enormous obstacle in your daily life. For example, the symptoms are often accompanied by prolonged general malaise, in which you constantly feel tired, limp and drowsy. In addition, many people lose taste and smell, which is very annoying! The Laeq ensures that the immune system gets a boost, dissolves inflammations, gets more energy and more!

Marco Olde Punte, physiotherapist, chronic cold / frontal cavitis and athlete. Amazing results! Cured of chronic colds and frontal cavitis and even faster recovery after sport!

But there are very many more reviews:

Your home laser is the first thing that has really helped me in 30 years of chronic cold and fatigue complaints due to ME! I have never had a cold again! I have much more energy and my mood has also improved a lot.


It gives me more energy, I feel fitter and I haven’t had a cold in a year. Fantastic!

Sinusitis, Chronic inflammation of the nasal sinuses

When an inflammation of the nasal sinuses (also known as sinusitis) does not heal, it is referred to as chronic (permanent) inflammation, a chronic sinusitis. An inflammation of the nasal sinuses can be a self-contained inflammation of a single sinus, but several sinuses can also be inflamed at the same time.

The most noticeable complaint is usually a blocked nose. There is often a runny nose, reduced sense of smell and sometimes pain in the inflamed nasal sinuses.


The Laeq is a registered medical device used by many for a variety of reasons. To become healthy, stay healthy and become fitter. It is a completely natural and safe method (low level laser / Photobiomodulation) with no side effects. The operation of low level laser and laser is by more than 4000 recognised scientific studies in publications from renowned universities and research institutes. The basis of Photobiomodulation in Laeq’s way is that it leads to more energy (ATP), is anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, sleeps better, recovers faster and achieves better homeostasis in the body.

And of course, less itching, sneezing and irritated mucous membranes and you become even more energetic! Using the Laeq at least once a day, but preferably 2 more times a day, will help you improve your quality of life.


Treatment Laeq’s laser clip in combination with the Laeq app can reduce pain, itching, dissolve mucus and inflammation, improve the viscosity of the blood, give more energy and recovery and boost your immune system.
In combination with the Laeq app, it ensures that your nut is given too much and never too little light energy. A 30-minute session twice a day at most is sufficient, in which case we recommend alternating the nostril in the case of Rhinitis.

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