Getting fitter

As a recreational or professional athlete, you only care about one thing: getting better all the time.

And if at all possible, get more results from your training work. What’s more, you want to recover faster. After your training sessions and especially after an injury. Well, with PRM, thanks to Laeq, you achieve both.

Increase endurance

PBM is like a altitude training at home. Just think: better blood circulation, active red blood cells, better oxygen uptake and better oxygen transport. The result is increased stamina.

Faster recovery

Better blood circulation, better oxygen uptake and better oxygen transport… They undeniably ensure that nutrients are absorbed more quickly into your blood and that waste products are removed more quickly. As a result, you will recover more quickly after training.

ATP Energy & Mitochondria

The energy requirement of a cell depends on the effort. So the higher the effort, the more energy is needed. A cell uses ATP energy to meet its energy needs. This ATP is obtained by burning fuel in the form of glucose. Oxygen is needed for this combustion. This oxygen and glucose the cell extracts from the blood.  A good blood circulation and an effective transport of oxygen is essential for a good combustion. The intergalactic and systematic way of the Laeq Health laser leads to the availability of more ATP energy and enables you to get more out of your training work.

By irradiating the blood through the nose with the Laeq health you ensure a more effective red blood cell, a better viscosity and therefore a better blood circulation. This requires daily sessions, 2 x 30 minutes. As the Laeq Health is a portable device you can do it anytime and anywhere. The systemic approach means that your body will be optimal after about 2 weeks if you follow the protocol. But then of course you continue!

The effect of the laser is such that the laser light stimulates energy via the mitochondria (ATP). And the more effort you put in, the more mitochondria you get, the more you can recharge with the Laeq, the more energy can be generated. With all the benefits that this provides for your sporting performance.

Scientific research

There is certainly scientific research that promotes performance. Below is a summary by Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, University of Sao Paulo Brazil, who discusses the results of the research study “photobiomodulation improves performance and accelerates recovery in rugby players”, in which researchers used photobiomodulation to treat rugby players with extremely good results. Less acidification (lactate measurement) and less fatigue after performance are the main conclusions. The healthiest way to promote performance! Or as one user of the Laeq says: “I am now performing much more consistently and much better”.

Reducing muscle pain

The improved oxygen management of your blood on all fronts, combined with a better absorption of nutrients and a better release of waste products also leads to a reduction in acidification. Lactic acid is released during the combustion of glucose in the muscles. The more glucose is burned, the more lactic acid is produced. Because the oxygen balance is optimised by the Laeq, lactic acid is broken down again and converted into glucose.




Enhance performance

Better endurance, faster recovery and less muscle pain, it is clear that PBM does what you as an athlete always need to do: improve your performance.

With the Laeq Health 3.0:

  •  Increase your body’s oxygen capacity
  • Stimulate the body in all processes
  • Increase your available ATP energy
  • Improve your performance with Laeq Health technology
  • Improve your erythrocyte structure and increase the oxygen capacity in your blood circulation.
  • Reduce muscle pain.
  • Help your body in a natural way, without side effects.
  • Easy to use everywhere!

Recommended use

In accordance with scientific research, we recommend using the Laeq Health laser/PBM Clip for training or performance. Why should I use it?

  • You will then be able to perform at the highest level
  • Your muscles will then be better protected against damage and acidification.
  • Improving your recovery enormously

Fortunately, you can use the Laeq Health 3.0 twice a day, every day, i.e. once before training and once after training. Provided there are only a minimum of 6 hours in between to achieve the optimal effect.

Better every day

For less than 1 euro a day


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